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The bull terriėr is a very special breed not only by appearance but also by character.
It's a dog that is playful, active, curious, quirky, clownish, sensitive, loyal, affectionate and attached to
its owners. The dog likes to play, but only if he or she wants to. You can not accept the highest in obedience, but
if the interest is there you can do a lot and ther are exceptions.
Only with persistence, patience and praise your Bull Terriėr will become an obedient companion.
The breed is social, they make a wonderful family companion and loyal guardian that relates well to children and other animals.
When you got your puppy, you have to train them. One of these things is the socialisation.
That's a good start, to get the most lovely dog.
As we say: "The Bull Terrier is a dog for life".